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Long time no see
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello....long time no see...well a quick revies of wat happen in January...well...nothing special happen juz celebrate cny but ntg fun about it...as usual get angpau and bai nian lol...well this month february is not a gud month for me...my grandmum is sick coz her leg in pain and admit into hospital...haiz...hopefully she'll recover soon and dun get sick again...nanny! I love u...muack!!!

writtern @6:33 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!
Thursday, December 11, 2008


Xmas tree at Sunway Pyramid<3


Juz one shot!

writtern @10:26 PM

Congrats to oppa!!!


Oppa is the greatest!!!chukahaeyo coz is the big winner of 2008 Golden Disk Award!Yeah! Way to go oppa!!!! more info please visit http://www.popseoul.com/ u can find latest news there...hehe^^

writtern @10:19 PM

Sunway Lagoon with Frenzzz...

Last Wednesday I went to Sunway Lagoon with friends. It's my first time go there and not very fun though..maybe that time raining a bit and make us sweat a lot..haiz! I prefer Genting Highland more coz there's cold and fun!yeah!haha^^anyway thx to my friends who go with me and enjoy a lot while with them...haha^^ I din take any picture lol...no mood ): hopefully next time can go out again with 2 Max wife, Junsu wife, and Yunho wife...hahahaha^^juz joking la...hehe^^they really great frenz of mine! frenship forever ya!

writtern @10:15 PM

TVXQ with Tablo
Thursday, October 30, 2008

writtern @6:13 AM


Well...school today but very few of my classmate come! U know Deepavali not yet over...haha^^ anyway...2moro school again after that no need everyday come la...coz attendance take for 2moro only....no more school but exam is coming!!! arghhh!!!

writtern @6:10 AM

The most leng zai money in the WORLD!!!!
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OMG!!!! If this money is produce in my country....I'll be crazy!!!!hahaha^^ I'll not use tis money forever and ever....hahah^^ this picture made by my fren...haha^^ good job!

writtern @6:14 AM